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MichNews.com Acording to the site's own description: "MichNews.com is a news and commentary Website. Our goal is to provide you with the Most In-depth, Conservative, Honest news and commentary. The MichNews.com Website also contains news and commentary links to other Websites." [1]

MichNews.com describes itself as standing for "Conservative traditions, values and ideas" and states that these are: Pro-American; Pro-Freedom; Pro-Life; Pro-Family Values; Pro Judeo-Christian; Pro-Gun Rights; Pro Free Speech; Pro-Marriage; Pro-Religion; Pro Death Penalty; Pro Free Trade; Against Illegal Immigration; Against the Homosexual Agenda; Against Liberal Media Bias. [2]

The website provides no details as to who funds the site or its key personnel.

Contact details

Web: http://www.michnews.com/

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