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"Michael Hesemann is a historian, internationally published author, award winning documentarist, science writer and investigative journalist. Born in Düsseldorf/Germany, he studied History and Cultural Anthropology at Göttingen University in Germany. He lives in Düsseldorf and Rome. From 1979-2000 he published and edited the “Magazine 2000”, Europe's largest magazine on mysteries of the past and presence, which came out in German and Czech language with a print-run of 100.000 copies.

"His books are international bestsellers, published in 16 countries with a total print run of over a million copies. Hesemann produced several award-winning documentaries, which are distributed in 14 countries, and worked as an advisor for TV stations and programmes in the US (including ‘The X-FILES’, ‘SIGHTINGS’, ‘ENCOUNTERS’, for Paramount, Disney, The Fox Network and others), UK (Channel 4, MTV), Japan (NTV), Mexico (Televisa, TV Azteca), Germany (ARD, RTL, SAT 1, PRO SIEBEN, KABEL 1, TV NRW), Poland (TVN) , Italy (Rai Due) and the Vatican (TelePace).

"He is an Associate Member of the prestigious “Society for Scientific Exploration”, the “World Explorer Club” and the “Israel Exploration Society". He received the Honorary Membership of the Italian C.U.N. and was honored with the Hungarian “Colman VonKeviczky Medal” for his research on Extraterrestrial Intelligences and the UFO Phenomenon. He lectured on international conferences in 25 countries and at over 30 universities, at the Vatican Lateran University, the Pontificial University LUMSA, both in Rome, and on invitation by the Ministries of Culture and Transportation of the Republic of San Marino, the Human Potential Society, the Humanist Society at the United Nations and the United Nations Recreational Council. As a journalist, he is accredited at the Holy See Press Office.

"Hesemann was the first western researcher who published the KGB Files on “Anomalous Aerial Phenomena”, officially released to him. He is the principal investigator of the Carlos Diaz case in Mexico and one of the main investigators of the Billy Meier case in Switzerland, the British and international cropcircle-phenomenon (on which he wrote three books) and the Fatima Secret, for which he received international attention. He uncovered the truth on the controversial alleged Roswell Autopsy Footage and exposed international fraud cases like the alleged Lesotho Crash of 1995 or the “Adrain-Case” in Miami, Florida.

"For his research, he travelled over 700.000 miles and visited 44 countries of all five continents. He managed to interview the Bedouin discoverer of the Dead Sea scrolls on camera just a year before he passed away and documented the hidden story behind the archaeological discovery of the 20th century. He interviewed US astronauts Gordon Cooper and Edgar Mitchell, several Russian cosmonauts and Ex-Generals as well as high-ranking prelates of the Roman Catholic Church. " [1]

Select Books [2]

  • Georg Ratzinger and Michael Hesemann: My brother, the Pope . Herbig-Verlag, Munich 2011, ISBN 978-3-7766-2678-0 .
  • The Pope in Germany . Sankt Ulrich Verlag, Augsburg 2011, ISBN 978-3-86744-184-1 .
  • Hitler's religion . Sankt Ulrich Publishing House, Augsburg 2012, ISBN 978-3-86744-212-1 .
  • Jesus in Egypt. The Secret of the Copts , Herbig-Verlag, Munich 2012, ISBN 978-3-7766-2697-1 .
  • Pope Francis. The legacy of Benedict XVI. and the Future of the Church , Munich 2013, ISBN 978-3-7766-2724-4 .
  • Genocide of the Armenians. With unpublished documents from the papal secret archives about the greatest crime of the First World War , Herbig-Verlag, Munich 2015, ISBN 978-3-7766-2755-8
  • Mystery - Unresolved riddles of Christendom. Bd. 1: Not by mankind - Marieninscheinungen and sacred pictures , Bonifatius publishing house, Paderborn 2015, ISBN 978-3-89710-610-9
  • The last secret of Fatima , Kopp-Verlag Rottenburg 2016, ISBN 978-3-864453-57-1

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