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Michael Isikoff is an Investigative Correspondent for Newsweek.


Several writers have raised questions about Mr. Isikoff's objectivity, specifically citing concerns that some of his stories are slanted to portray matters in a more favorable light where some high-powered officials are concerned.[1] More recently FBI whistleblower Sibel Edmonds has accused Isikoff of deliberately covering up potentially explosive revelations and corroborating evidence she provided him when he reported her story for Nesweek.Cite error: Closing </ref> missing for <ref> tag Her evidence included among other things a Justice Department Inspector General's Report and statements from members of Congress supporting allegations of "security breaches, possible espionage incidents, and severe mismanagement involving the FBI Translation Division". Significantly one of the Inspector General's Reports concluded, "[s]ome of the most serious weaknesses still have not been fully remedied and expose the FBI to the risk of serious compromises by other moles". (Note the word "other") Mr. Isikoff was also given the names of other FBI whistleblowers willing to corroborate, some of whom wanted to remain anonymous. Yet in Mr. Isikoff's reporting he made use of none of this simply repeating the FBI's previously discredited excuse that all the problems were due to a "shortage" of translators. Before publishing an account of the incident on her blog Ms. Edmonds contacted Mr. Isikoff for a response to her story. He replied simply "Sibel- Sorry. No comment. Regards, Mike".[2]

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