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Fellow at the Discovery Institute's Center for Science and Culture. Professor at Lehigh University. Promotes intelligent design.

Behe is not a traditional creationist and accepts some of evolutionary theory. But he appears not to care that he is being used by Philip Johnson and his cohorts to advance full-blown creationism. Scholars like Behe, Johnson said, “enable us to get a foothold in the academic world and the academic journals. You have to prepare minds to hear the truth. You can’t do it all at once.”

Barbara Forrest:

Biochemist Michael Behe never invokes ID in any of his professional publications. He surely would do this if he really believed that ID is a genuine scientific theory. In his role as an ID proponent, he claims that biological structures such as bacterial flagella are “irreducibly complex,” meaning that their parts could not have been assembled over time by natural selection and that the absence of one part would by definition make the entire structure nonfunctional. Yet he admits that his definition of irreducible complexity is flawed and has not so far produced a promised revision of it.

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