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Michael Moore is a writer and filmmaker. His works are controversial, but his movies have broken all previous records for commercial success by a documentary film.

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  • The Awful Truth
  • TV Nation


  • Downsize This!
  • Adventures in a TV Nation
  • Stupid White Men
  • Dude, Where's My Country?
  • Will They Ever Trust Us Again? (collection of letters from soldiers)


Sicko, a film about the problems of the U.S. health care system.

July 9, 2004: "I go after these HMOs and these pharmaceutical companies. The style of the film is like 'Run Lola Run'. I don't know if I can run that fast for hours, but I just thought, What if we were just relentless motherf---ers, because I can't think of anything more evil than these HMOs. We try to see how many lives we can save in 90 minutes."[1]

July 27, 2004: "his critique of health-maintenance organizations. ... The idea stems from a segment Moore did on his "The Awful Truth" TV show, in which he staged a mock funeral at an HMO for a patient denied an organ transplant he needed to survive. The HMO relented and paid for the transplant. ... "Even if this movie hadn't done as well, that movie was going to get made, because I think the American people are clamoring to see the HMOs punished." [Moore said]." [2]






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