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Michael S. Coffman Ph.D., is the President of Environmental Perspectives, Inc. (EPI) and Chief Executive Officer of both Sovereignty International and Local Environment and Resource Network (LEARN). A retired paper industry executive, Coffman is a global warming skeptic, property rights advocate and proponent of the idea that international co-operation represents moves to impose a New World Order on citizens of the world via a system of global governance.[1]

In a biographical note Coffman claims that he "played a key role in stopping the ratification of the Convention on Biological Diversity (Biodiversity Treaty) in the U.S. Senate one hour before the ratification vote".[2][3]


In a biographical note on the Sovereignty International website Coffman describes himself as a "nationally recognized expert in the fields of forestry and ecosystem management. He is an authority on international environmental issues, and a frequent speaker at national conferences and for the media." [4] Another biographical note explains that "until 1992 Dr. Coffman was a manager for Champion International, a leading forest and paper products company in the United States. During his tenure with Champion, he became Chairman of the Forest Health Group within NCASI (National Council for the Paper Industry for Air and Stream Improvement), a respected scientific research group for the Paper Industry."[2]


Coffman is the author of three books which he claims are about "exposing the environmentalist phenomenon".[2]

  • Michael S. Coffman, The Birth of World Government: Through Global Deception, Intrigue and War, Environmental Perspectives 2001. ASIN B0006RS1SK
  • Michael S. Coffman, Saviors of the Earth: The Politics and Religion of the Enviromental Movement, Northfield Publishing, January 1994. ISBN 188127327X
  • Michael S. Coffman, Environmentalism: The Age of Aquarius and the Twlight of a New Dark Age, Environmental Perspectives, July 1992. ISBN 0963237306

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