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Michael Sanera is currently listed as a Research Director and Local Government Analyst at the John Locke Foundation.

Sanera served as and administration official under President Ronald Reagan. [1]

Sanera was formerly the director of the Center of Environmental Education Research, a project of the Competitive Enterprise Institute. His task at the CEI was to punch holes in environmental education, by claiming that it frightens children with doomsday scenarios (He is author of the book, with Jane Shaw, "Facts not Fear"), that it is not scientific, that it does not take sufficient consideration of economics, and that it does not cover all competing viewpoints ..... industrial/economic views primarily. Such issues as forest management, and endangered species he contends would be better served by the private sector than government.

Sanera's philosophy is neatly encapsulated in a brief article he wrote, titled "Environmental Education in Wisconsin", which appeared in the Wisconsin Policy Research Institute Report. (The Wisconsin Policy Research Institute is funded by the Lynde and Harry Bradley Foundation, one of the largest foundations in the country supporting rightwing causes and organizations). [2]

Sanera and the Tobacco Industry

In an undated Phillip Morris memo, Sanera is listed as a "key scientist and academician supporting The Advancement of Sound Science Coalition. [4]



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