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Mideast Youth "is a student-owned independent network dedicated to eliminate extremist ideologies and ignorance from the Middle East.

"Arabs, Iranians, Kurds, and Israelis post side-by-side to prove the fact that moderation, interfaith understanding, and sanity does exist in the region." [1]

In an interview, Esra'a Al Shafei described Mideast Youth as "a two-person show, I'm in charge of content management and the ideas, and my friend Lalith, who runs lazybeelab, is in charge of design and technical support. He co-owns MidEast Youth and our many networks. I wouldn't have come this far without his much needed help, this is why I put him in charge of executive decisions regarding the site as well. ... No one supports us financially, we support ourselves. It's not expensive to maintain all these things because we don't pay anyone to do anything for us, like site design or advertising or sponsorship. We work hard on doing everything ourselves." [2]


Accessed January 2009: [4]


"The diverse Mideast Youth team launches campaigns for people within the region, especially youth activists, who do not have the resources or contacts required to initiate campaigns. If anyone in need would like our assistance in a campaign, request one.

"Through such campaigns, we mainly promote freedom of expression, freedom of religion, and the free flow of information. While we help by hosting other projects that are independently owned and moderated, these are the ones the Mideast Youth team actually run or lead: [5]


Web: http://www.mideastyouth.com

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