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Mighty River Power Limited is a New Zealand government-owned electricity generation and retailing company. It was formed from the breakup of the Electricity Corporation of New Zealand (ECNZ) in 1999 as a result one of the reforms of the New Zealand Electricity Market and corporatised to become a state-owned enterprise with its own board of directors and Ministerial shareholders. The shareholders are the Minister of Finance and the Minister of State Owned Enterprises.

Generation Assets

The company owns and operates the hydroelectric generating stations on the Waikato River as well as geothermal plants in the Taupo area, the combined cycle Southdown plant in south Auckland and the largely unused plant (Marsden A and the moth-balled Marsden B thermal power stations at Marsden Point near Whangarei.

According to its own website, the company supplies up to 22% of New Zealand peak energy demand, with about 80% of this coming from hydro-power.[1]


In addition to its generation assets, Mighty River Power also incorporates:

Contact Details

Corporate Office
Level 14, 23-29 Albert Street
P O Box 90399
P: 64 9 308 8200
F: 64 9 308 8209
Website: http://www.mightyriverpower.co.nz

Articles and Resources


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