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Mike Bowlin, a member of the OILspace advisory board, "was the Chairman of ARCO's Board of Directors from 1995 to 2000, CEO from 1994 and a member of the Board since 1992. Mr. Bowlin began his career with ARCO in 1969 and joined the executive ranks fifteen years later. Mr. Bowlin has held senior positions in several major ARCO divisions in copper, coal, oil and gas.

"He has been Chairman of the American Petroleum Institute, the California Business Roundtable, the Business Council and the National Petroleum Council. He is a member of the Board of Wells Fargo, the Board of Visitors of the Claremont Graduate School's Center for Politics and Economics, a Trustee of the Los Angeles World Affairs Council, a Trustee of the California Institute of Technology, and a member of the World Economic Forum. Mr. Bowlin is also a Director of the Autrey Museum of Western Hermitage, and is involved with the American Red Cross and several other medical organizations."

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