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Mildred Webber, deputy chief of staff for House Majority Whip Roy Blunt (R-Missouri), is the former political consultant hired by and who managed the campaign of former House Majority Leader Thomas D. DeLay (R-Texas) for his race as House Majority Whip. In May 2001, DeLay appointed Webber his "director of coalitions". [1][2][3]

Webber "helped organize K Street backing for the GOP agenda as an aide to the past two House majority whips, Tom DeLay of Texas and Roy Blunt of Missouri." [4]

In 1996, Mildred Webber worked in the office of Representative David M. McIntosh (R-Indiana). McIntosh is "an Indiana candidate who ran the regulation-cutting Council on Competitiveness in the [George H.W.] Bush administration under fellow Hoosier Dan Quayle. McIntosh won and was named chairman of the House regulatory affairs subcommittee. He hired Webber as staff director." [5][6]

DeLay's Victory

Webber "'said it was more than contributions that led to victory ... 'Tom knew that it wasn't just going to be money that got us the majority -- or that won him the whip race,' Ms. Webber said. 'It was going to be a full-service operation and that's what we became.'" --New York Times, October 26, 1999.

Project Relief

Webber was "[a]t the center of the campaign network ... She stayed in regular contact with both the lobbyists and more than 80 GOP congressional challengers, drafting talking points for the neophyte candidates and calling the lobbyist bank when they needed money. Contributions came in from various business PACs, which Webber bundled together with a good-luck note from DeLay." [7]

Roy Blunt Staffer

The Daily DeLay reported April 26, 2005, from Roll Call:

"Newly released reports from DeLay’s Legal Expense Trust show that the fund received contributions of at least $250 each from six Blunt staffers from Jan. 1 to March 31. In total, the trust banked $48,000 and spent $34,000 in the quarter.
"DeLay received $500 apiece from four aides in Blunt’s leadership office — Mildred Webber, Amy Steinmann, Brian Gaston and Sam Geduldig."

Webber "filed six late disclosure forms in early May [2005] for trips she took in 2004. One trip was to Toulouse, France, and Manchester, England, to learn about 'the business climate for the airline industry.' Transportation, lodging and meal expenses totaling $5,496 were paid for by The European Institute. Three were funded by the Congressional Institute for leadership retreats in St. Michaels ($900), Philadelphia ($596) and Irvington ($728). She traveled to New York courtesy of the Wall Street firm Bear Wagner at a cost of $340. She also traveled to the Greenbrier Resort in White Sulphur Springs, W.Va., to speak on a panel courtesy of the American Association of Railroads at a cost of $830." [8]

Reagan administration

"Curt Anderson joined the White House staff in February 1988. In his work, he utilized the files of Mildred Webber, who preceded him (1986-88) as Associate Director for the conservative and health portfolios. Webber material that Anderson utilized was incorporated into his files, and the Reagan Library continues to maintain it in his collection. (Webber also worked on outreach to women, but this part of her job was not passed on to Anderson. The Reagan Library does not currently have a Mildred Webber staff file collection.)" [9]

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