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Milton E. Harrington was President & CEO of Liggett & Myers cigarette company (L&M) from 1964 to 1973. In 1934, Harrington served as a factory manager, leaf buyer and leaf supervisor. He was Vice President of Leaf from 1960 to 1962. From 1962 through 1963 he was Chief Executive Office of the Durham, North Carolina operations of L&M. In 1963 he became Executive Vice President. In 1973 he became Chairman of the Board for L&M. He was also on the Tobacco Institute Executive Committee in 1965 through 1971 and again in 1973. Harrington has knowledge of Liggett's, and the tobacco industry's, participation in public fraud and disinformation relative to health hazards of tobacco use, in the manipulation of nicotine in tobacco products and in marketing of tobacco products to children. (N.M., L & M Liability Notebook, Section 3, Personnel List) MR. Harrington was the Liggett Group President. (PMI's Introduction to Privilege Log and Glossary of Names, Estate of Burl Butler v. PMI, et al, April 19, 1996)


Milton E. Harrington was a native of Pitt County, North Carolina and received his early education in Greenville, NC. In 1927 he entered Duke University and became one of their best baseball players. After graduating from Duke, he returned to Greenville, where he managed the first Greenville baseball team in the Coastal Plain League and was referred to as "The Father of Organized Baseball" in Greenville. He was also a prominent local businessman, and became president and chairman of the board of Liggett and Myers Tobacco Company.

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