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Mitchell J. Wade, who started MZM Inc. in 1993, "stepped down in June [2005] after news reports suggested he did financial favors for Rep. Randy "Duke" Cunningham (R-Calif.) while the lawmaker pushed funding in Congress for programs on classified military intelligence programs on which MZM worked." [1]


On November 28, 2005, "Cunningham, an eight-term congressman and hotshot Vietnam War fighter jock, pleaded guilty to graft and tearfully resigned ... admitting he took $2.4 million in bribes mostly from defense contractors in exchange for government business and other favors." [2]

"It was clear from facts in the criminal charges to which Cunningham pleaded guilty," Charles Babcock reported in the November 30, 2005, Washington Times, "that Mitchell J. Wade, president of Washington-based MZM Inc., is 'Coconspirator No. 2.'" Brent R. Wilkes, "head of San Diego area defense contractor" ADCS, Inc. is "'Coconspirator No. 1' in the charging documents."


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