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"Mitchell J. Rabin, M.A., L.AC., is an international speaker and teacher, holistic psychotherapist, licensed acupuncturist, coach, mediator, entrepreneur, business consultant, environmentalist and writer. He has also been hosting and producing a NYC-based cable TV show since 1993 called A Better World. He has been on TV and radio numerous times and with a weekly radio show on Progressive Radio Network since 2006...

"Mitchell began The Center for Creative Well-Being in 1989 a Stress Management-Healing Center in NYC using floatation tanks and a Sound Womb. This became wildly popular and attracted the attention of health activist-radio celebrity Gary Null, which began their now 20+ year relationship. Mitchell was known for his work with Floatation Tanks and its value in relaxation, stress management and re-programming.

"Mitchell founded The Ecology Institute in 1990 as a means of marketing magnetic technologies which have the effect of reducing our carbon footprint through increasing energy efficiency and reducing the use of chemicals in water treatment. He developed a distribution network in the larger New York area as well as with distribution in Europe, Russia and South America.

"Mitchell founded A Better World in 1993 an organization to raise awareness through media about bringing attention and consciousness into the corporation and into our personal daily lives. Teaching the principles of sustainability, inner and outer balance, health & holism, with Sacred Stewardship, service and the joy of life are the fundamentals of A Better World. This became the name of the weekly radio and TV shows Mitchell produces & hosts weekly...

"Mitchell has been in several PBS special documentaries produced by radio celebrity Gary Null. Mitchell has been on Gary’s faculty for different detoxification and Stress Management Programs since 1990.

"Mitchell authored a chapter in the book called Fire From Heaven about his experiences in a spiritual community in India, another called The Code, on eco-entrepreneurialism, another called Heart at Work to soon be re-published, and is completing his own book on living life according to one’s soul’s purpose and passion called Creating A Better World Quickly! " [1]

"Mitchell has served or serves on the Advisory Boards of Beneveda Medical Healing Center in Beverly Hills, the Association for Spirituality and Psychotherapy, NYC, The Source of Synergy Foundation, Vice-President of the Board of Directors of FIONS, NY (Friends of the Institute of Noetic Sciences), and the All-Faiths Seminary, NYC." [1]

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