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Mitt Romney, Former Governor of Massachusetts (Romney campaign)
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The following relates to campaign finance for Mitt Romney's candidacy for the 2008 Republican presidential nomination.

Political action committees

The New Commonwealth PAC first filed with the Internal Revenue Service the week of September 14, 2006. "This is a non-federal political action committee established to recruit and support candidates for state and local office who, by virtue of education, profession or experience, can demonstrate aptitude or likelihood of success in delivering efficient and effective government leadership and services to the citizens of Virginia," according to the IRS filing. The PAC's address is 3122 Woods Cove Lane, Woodbridge, VA.[1], also a 527 committee, first filed with the IRS the week of September 14, 2006, to "Engage in exempt functions."[1]

In July 2006, according to,[2] "a political organization supportive of Massachusetts Governor Mitt Romney’s presidential bid," it and "will fund and produce national media campaigns related to" religious bias, the "remarkable overall ignorance of the basic tenets of Mormonism", and that "Evangelical Christians have never had a candidate whose values and lifestyle more closely mirror their own."


Public Citizen relaunched the WhiteHouseForSale website for the 2008 elections.

As of July 27, 2007, Mitt Romney had 230 bundlers for a total of $34,486,724.00 raised. Follow Mitt Romney's total funds raised and a list of bundlers and amount raised here.

Romney's bundlers

  • David Neeleman: "Last week, Fox NewsBill O'Reilly attacked[10] Jetblue for working with 'the radical left' by sponsoring the upcoming YearlyKos[11] convention, eventually forcing the company to remove its banner[12] from the conventions website. [On July 26, 2007,] Public Citizen’s revealed[13] that JetBlue founder David Neeleman[14] is a bundler for Mitt Romney’s presidential campaign. He also sits[15] on Romney’s Connecticut statewide finance committee."[16]

Check the facts

FundRace 2008, The Huffington Post's searchable database: "FundRace makes it easy to search by name or address to see which presidential candidates your friends, family, co-workers, and neighbors are contributing to. Or you can see if your favorite celebrity is putting their money where their mouth is."

Campaign distributions

  • Matthew Yglesias, "Payola," The Atlantic, December 8, 2007.


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