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Jump to navigation Jump to search is a website "made possible by a grant from the International Formula Council". [1]

The website states that "the opinions and views expressed on this web site are of Kate Kahn who independently manages and controls the editorial content contained on the web site." [2]

The domain name for the site was registered in March 2007 by Erik Nilsson, from the Massachussetts-based PR firm, eNilsson LLC. [3]

Opposing Marketing Restrictions

On its website make clear that its primary purpose is to oppose proposed restrictions on the marketing of infant formula to new parents via samples provided by hospitals. The site states that while most mothers opt to breastfeed their children, "some moms can’t or choose not to make this choice."

"And there is no reason, given the highly regulated and nutritious infant formula on the market today, for those moms to be made to feel guilty about their choice. But did you know there are some government officials around the country, including in New York, Massachusetts and California, who are trying to withhold information and support from new moms who choose to bottle feed their babies? The campaign is promoted as an effort to ban the marketing of infant formula in hospitals. However, it really is an attack on women's access to information to make a legitimate choice," it continues. [4]

Its website include a petition, titled "to Public Health Policy Makers" that states "we oppose any effort to restrict the distribution of educational information, including infant formula samples, to new moms in the hospital." [5]



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