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"Monkton Wyld Court was built to be a place of education. Elizabeth Hodson was said to have spotted the land in the 1840s whilst riding her horse along the track which is now the A35 and paid for the building of St Andrew’s church and the ‘very handsome parsonage house which she endowed with £1000 and 10 acres of Glebe land’. When you look around the building, you can see how the ground floor might have been built as a school with the vicar and his family upstairs.

"You may remember the boarding school that Monkton became in the 1940s, which was founded by Carl and Eleanor Urban and focused on farming and building skills... ‘Destructive forces in European politics had stimulated [them] to attempt to be constructive’. The kindergarten continued when the school closed in 1982, the Court becoming an educational charity with a board of trustees to look after it.

"The kindergarten (German for Children’s Garden) has now blossomed into a fully Steiner Kindergarten, and registration with the Steiner Fellowship is hopefully imminent. The Steiner trained leader and assistant provide five mornings and one afternoon session of Steiner education for children aged 3 to 7." [1] They have received funding from the Triodos Bank. [2]



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