Moral Issue on FTC Tar

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In this memo, a Philip Morris executive reassures others inside the company about the moral correctness of failing to disclose to public health agencies that FTC tests reveal incorrect tar levels for their products. Once the author, Raymond Fagan, has justified that, he says that tar intake can be lowered if smokers are re-trained to take fewer (or smaller) puffs. Finally, the writer cites the experience gleaned "in public health work," that reveals it's more effective to give up on the agent and instead modify his environment ["In general the modification of agent or environment has been more successful...chlorination of water, pasteurization of milk) than changing behavior (overcoming obesity, increasing physical exercise)."]

Title Moral Issue on FTC Tar
Per. Author Raymond Fagan
Date 19740307 (March 7, 1974)
Type Memorandum
Bates No.: 1000211075/1076

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