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Morton Grove Pharmaceuticals is a U.S.-based specialty pharmaceutical company.

Lindane SLAPP

In July 2006 the specialty drug manufacturer, Morton Grove Pharmaceuticals, filed a legal suit against the Ecology Center of Ann Arbor, Michigan. The drug company objected to the Center's opposition to the continued use of lindane as a fallback treatment for head lice. The suit, filed in the federal court in Chicago, accused the Ecology Center and two pediatricians of "disseminating false, misleading, and libelous statements about the safety profile and effectiveness of Lindane." In early August, the Environmental Protection Agency announced the withdrawal of all agricultural products in the U.S. containing the pesticide. [1]

"It makes no sense that lindane can't be used on pets or plants or persons serving in the military, but it can still be used on children," Mike Garfield, director of the Ecology Center, wrote in a statement. "It's a clear and simple harassment lawsuit intended to silence us." [2] In May 2007 a federal court judge dismissed the SLAPP suit. "From the outset, we viewed Morton Grove's lawsuit as a baseless tactic designed to stifle public debate," said Mike Garfield, Director of the Ecology Center. "It is outrageous that instead of engaging in a public discussion with the Michigan Legislature on this important public issue, the company instead tried to silence us." [3]

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Morton Grove Pharmaceuticals, Inc.
6451 W. Main Street
Morton Grove, IL 60053
Phone: 1-800-346-6854
Fax: 847-967-5607

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