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Moshe Sharon "received his Doctorate in Medieval Islamic History from the Hebrew University in Jerusalem. He has served as an Advisor on Arab Affairs to former Israeli Prime Minister Menachem Begin as well as the Ministry of Defence. Prof. Sharon is a former director of the World Zionist Organisation branch in Johannesburg, South Africa and currently lectures as professor of Islamic History at the Hebrew University." [1]

"Prof. (Emer.) Islamic Civilisation, Chair in Baha'i Studies, Hebrew University of Jerusalem

"Born in Haifa 18-12-1937. B.A. M.A. PhD the Hebrew University of Jerusalem. Served as the Prime minister Adviser on Arab Affairs during the negotiation of the peace treaty betweem Israel and Egypt. Established and directed the Centre of Jewish Studies at the University of the Witwarestrand, Johannesburg. Established and heads the Chair in Baha'i Studies the Hebrew University of Jerusalem. main research: Midieval Islamic History, Shi'ah, Arabic Epigraphy (Publuished until now 4 volumes of the Corpus Inscriptionum Arabicarum palaestinae).Other main publications: 2 volumes on the 'Abbasid Revolution, 2 books on the relations between Judaism and World religions including Islam, Book of the Baha'i Religion and its Holy Book. Among his edited books: Studies in Modern Religions and Religious Movements. Published many articles on Islamic History and civilisation and on current Middle Eastern Affairs." [2]

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