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"Mosireen was established in Tahrir Square during the original 18 days of the revolution in January 2011. The collective films the ongoing revolution, collects and publishes videos that challenge state media narratives, and provides training and equipment on film production. They share and disseminate elements of their growing archive in the public sphere through the internet, television channels, cheap CDs and DVDs, bluetooth transmitters and public screenings. Three months after it began, Mosireen became the most watched non-profit YouTube channel in Egypt of all time and in the whole world in January 2012." [1]

Sherief Gaber and Khalid Abdalla were core members of Mosireen. [2]

"Western cultural producers became allies of the revolutionaries. The panel discussion „Cairo: The City, the Images, the Archives“ with Khalid Abdalla, Hala Galal, Maha Maamoun, and Sarah Rifky in the framework of the 62nd Berlinale is only one example of many festivals and events surrounding that topic. It revealed a diversity of reactions by cultural producers of Egypt and very immediately and, in my view, very effectively contextualised the situation in this country.

"Khalid Abdalla, one of the co-founders of the alternative media collective Mosireen, presented the motivation and the main intention of the group and showed the to this point most important work of the group, ‘The Diary of the Revolution,’ an impressive documentary of the events in Egypt filmed by citizen of the country. " [3]

The collective was based in the house of Pierre Sioufi. [4]


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