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Mohammad Yunus Chairman and Founder, Grameen Bank Board, UN Foundation; Ambassador, UNAIDS

According to Susan FeinerDrucilla Barker writing in the Dominion in 2007:

"Grameen Bank founder Muhammad Yunus won the Nobel Peace Prize because his approach to banking reinforces the neoliberal view that individual behavior is the source of poverty and the neoliberal agenda of restricting state aid to the most vulnerable when and where the need for government assistance is most acute." [1]

Walden Bello writes:

"So probably the best way we can honor Muhammad Yunus is to say, Yes, he deserves the Nobel Prize for helping so many women cope with poverty. His boosters discredit this great honor and engage in hyperbole when they claim he has invented a new compassionate form of capitalism--social capitalism, or "social entrepreneurship"--that will be the magic bullet to end poverty and promote development." [2]



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