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Murray Bring was a Philip Morris senior in-house attorney. He was a former partner of Arnold & Porter, the Board-level external counsel for Philip Morris in Washington, DC before transferring over to the tobacco company in mid 1988. He then held the position of Senior Vice President & Counsel, and was on PM's Board of Directors.

Bring led the defence of Philip Morris in the Cipollone case, and he was intimately involved in most of the corrupt and surreptitious activities carried on by the staff and contractors for Philip Morris over the years. Under the Chairmanship of Michael A Miles he was put in charge of the Smoking & Health initiatives at the Boardroom level.

Biographical overview

Murray Bring was elected vice chairman, external affairs and general counsel at PM in March 1997. Prior to this time, he served as Executive Vice President of External Affairs and General Counsel since December 1994 and before that, Senior Vice President and General Counsel since July 1988. Bring was elected to the company's board of directors in September 1988.

Prior to joining Philip Morris in January 1988, Mr. Bring was a senior partner with the law firm of Arnold & Porter in Washington, D.C. From 1961 to 1967 he held assignments with the U.S. Department of Justice and served as a law clerk to U.S. Supreme Court Chief Justice Earl Warren from 1959-1961.

He retired from Philip Morris on February 1, 2000 at the age of 65.[1]

Documents & Timeline

1935 Born.

1959-61 Law clerk to U.S. Supreme Court Chief Justice Earl Warren

1961-67 With the U.S. Department of Justice

1967-88 Senior Partner at Washington law firm Arnold & Porters (with Johnson White House connections).

Until May 1988 Attorney with Arnold & Porter LLP and Outside Counsel to Philip Morris at the Boardroom level.

1988 May 1 Assistant General Counsel, Philip Morris Companies (05/01/1988-06/30/1988);

1988 Jul 1 Senior Vice President & General Counsel, Philip Morris Companies Inc. (07/1/1988-12/17/1994);

1988 Sep Elected to Philip Morris Board of Directors.

1994 Dec 16 [Date is Deceptive also "DRAFT March 26 1996]

Philip Morris Announces Senior Management Changes

Philip Morris Companies Inc . (NYSE: MO) today announced a series of senior management changes following Wednesday's election by the company's board of directors . The changes are effective immediately * Geoffrey C Bible become chairman-elect and chief executive officer

  • R William Murray, the current chairman of the board will retire on February 1, 1995.
  • William I Campbell becomes chairman, Philip Morris USA. and reports to Bible. He was previously president and CEO of Philip Morris USA but will retire next year,
  • James J. Morgan has been appointed president and chief executive officer, Philip Morris USA. He was Senior VP of Marketing
  • Murray H. Bring has been appointed executive vice president, external affairs, and general counsel, Philip Morris Companies Inc. Formerly senior vice president and general counsel, Mr. Bring will be responsible for the legal, corporate affairs and worldwide regulatory affairs functions of the company. Mr. Bring reports to Mr. Bible.
  • Charles Wall has been appointed senior vice president, litigation, Philip Morris Companies Inc. He continues to report to Mr. Bring.
  • Craig L Fuller, senior vice president, corporate affairs, Philip Morris Companies Inc. will also report to Mr. Bring.
  • Steven Parrish, senior vice president, worldwide regulatory affairs, and general counsel, Philip Morris USA., will also report to Mr. Bring. Mr. Parrish continues as senior vice president for external affairs and general counsel, Philip Morris USA.

1994 Dec 18 Executive Vice President, External Affairs, and General Counsel, Philip Morris Companies, Inc. (12/18/1994-03/25/1997);

1997 Mar 26 Vice Chairman, External Affairs and General Counsel, Philip Morris Companies. On the Board of Directors. (03/26 /1997-02/01/2000);

1999 Oct 13 Philip Morris launched a major ad campaign and website admitting cigarettes were dangerous. This name was still on the staff distribution list. [3]

2000 Feb 1 Retired.


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