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NISTAC is Nationwide Infrastructure Support Technical Assistance Consultants, is "a joint venture between Dewberry & Davis LLC (Dewberry, representing all of the Dewberry Companies) and URS Group, Inc. (URS, representing all of URS Corporation). NISTAC is one of three Standby Technical Assistance Contractors (TACs) retained by the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) to provide support under the Public Assistance (PA) Program. NISTAC is referred to as TAC-V while the other two TACs are known as TAC-III and TAC-IV. Employees of both Dewberry and URS, as well as subcontractors, working on this contract should always identify themselves as members of NISTAC or TAC-V." [1]

Public Assistance Program

"The Public Assistance Program supports State and local governments' response to, and recovery from, a major disaster or emergency. Assistance, usually as grants through the State, provides for emergency response costs and the repair, restoration, and/or reconstruction of damaged public facilities located within a federally declared disaster area. It is mandated by the Stafford Act and is intended to supplement state and local resources. Public Assistance is just one of the programs under FEMA's Response and Recovery Directorate. Other programs supported by FEMA include Individual and Mitigation Assistance." [2]


"NISTAC's mission is to provide FEMA with an unparalleled standard of responsiveness and technical support services for pre-disaster, disaster and post-disaster recovery efforts. NISTAC aspires to consistently maintain the highest level of service, quality deliverables, and overall dependability. NISTAC wants to be viewed by its competitors as a resourceful, competitive team, yet desirable working partners on any assignment. Further, NISTAC strives to provide its employees with an uncompromised work experience through diverse and challenging assignments." [3]

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