1950 NSC Memorandum 68

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1950 NSC Memorandum 68 (National Security Council Report 68), also known as NSC-68, written by the U.S. State Department's Paul H. Nitze (for then-Secretary of State Dean Acheson), "predicted [that] the Soviets could launch a nuclear attack on the United States by 1954 and recommended an increase in U.S. spending for nuclear and conventional arms."

Larry Chin, in his article November 7, 2002, "The deep politics of regime removal in Iraq: Overt conquest, covert operations: The US war lobby and the disciples of NSC-68", writes that the Memorandum served as the policy basis for the Cold War. He states that "Every successive US administration has implemented hard-line policies that can be directly traced to NSC-68, which calls for the destruction of the Soviet Union and unrivaled US military power."

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