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Rothschild Bank International (RBI) is the London-based merchant banking arm of the Rothschild family's financial empire. The company's services include investment banking, treasury activities, asset management and private banking.[1] (RBI was known as N M Rothschild & Sons until October 1, 2007.[2])

In a November 2007 report the financial analyst company, Fitch Ratings, describes the company as being "the major UK entity in the Rothschild family's banking group, is wholly owned by Rothschilds Continuation Ltd, which is incorporated in England and which is owned by Rothschilds Continuation Holdings AG, incorporated in Switzerland." The parent company of Rothschilds Continuation Holdings AG is the Netherlands-based Concordia BV.[3]

Leading the Push for "New Nuclear"

In June 2005, the newspaper, Sunday Business, reported how "N.M. Rothschild, the London merchant bank, is leading an initiative to finance, build and manage Britain's next generation of nuclear power stations. It plans to create a jointly-owned nuclear power company, provisionally named New Nuclear, that could raise funds and manage the nuclear-build programme.

The paper reported how "The move highlights Rothschild's long-held ambitions to dominate the next phase of nuclear power development. The company was previously adviser to private nuclear generator British Energy for what would have been the Sizewell C power station. Rothschild in 1994 led attempts to raise 3.5bn (E5.3bn, $ 6.4bn) in funding for the plant, which was never built.

The Business has learned that Rothschild has drawn up the plan on behalf of its client, state nuclear group BNFL, which is looking at ways in which a UK nuclear revival could be funded by the private sector".

A source at one of the UK power utilities told the newspaper: "Rothschild's are very keen to get back into nuclear."[4]

In April 2006, it was reported that BNFL "had appointed NM Rothschild to advise on the impending £1bn sale of British Nuclear Group, its nuclear clean-up arm ....Rothschild's appointment comes after it successfully advised BNFL on the recent sale of Westinghouse, another subsidiary, which was sold to Japan's Toshiba for £2.8bn."[5]}

Securing the Future of Nuclear Power

Roger Ewart-Smith is one of the speakers at the British Nuclear Energy Society and European Nuclear Society event "Securing the Future - The Role of Nuclear Energy" at the Queen Elizabeth II Conference Hall in March 2006, along with key nuclear advocates as James Lovelock and companies such as British Energy and Westinghouse.[6]

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