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Namdeb – was founded in 1994 and is "the world’s leading alluvial-diamond mining company...

In Namibia "Namdeb’s contribution to the economy through revenues generated and partnerships forged has meant that we are the country’s largest financial contributor. Diamonds are an important generator of export earnings, accounting for more than 40% of export revenue, 7% of government revenue and more than 10% of gross domestic product (GDP)...

"Partnering with government and private institutions has enabled Namdeb to go far beyond complying with minimum legal requirements. Namdeb participates in the Millennium Seed Bank Project, together with Namibia’s Ministry of Agriculture, Water and Forestry and the Royal Botanic Gardens at Kew in London. This project researches the development of restoration techniques. Rehabilitation planning is co-ordinated with the Ministry of Environment and Tourism’s planning for the future Sperrgebiet National Park, and ministry staff is directly involved in Namdeb’s rehabilitation projects...

"Namdeb participates in the six-monthly bird surveys in the Orange River Mouth wetland which is a Ramsar site. Namdeb also supports the removal of alien vegetation in the wetland by Raleigh International in collaboration with the Ministry of Environment and Tourism." [1]

Equally by the Namibian Government and De Beers Société Anonyme.

Directors (2007)

Accessed May 2009: [2]



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