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The Freedom Association is a right wing, non-party political educational and campaigning organisation, which currently campaigns primarily for British withdrawal from the EU. It also runs campaigns on liberalising education and health care, immigration, and the individual's rights to privacy.

It was originally founded in 1975 as the National Association for Freedom (NAFF), and adopted its present name in 1980. TFA claims 7,000 members, organised in branches. Its membership peaked at 20,000 in the late 1970s.


NAFF was founded on 2 December 1975 by Michael Ivens (then Director, Aims of Industry), and Colonel Juan Hobbs (Secretary, British United Industrialists). The first Chairman was the soldier Viscount De L'Isle, who was joined by the McWhirter brothers of The Guinness Book of Records fame. The death of Ross McWhiter at the hands of the IRA a week before the launch of NAFF ensured it was born in a "blaze of publicity".

NAFF focussed its efforts on high-profile, media-friendly stunts to undermine the power of the British Trades Unions, and in particular the "closed shop" (the requirement that every worker in a particular workplace belong to a union).

Management Committee

Accessed January 2013: [1]

Council and Supporters

Accessed January 2013: [2]

Staff (2004)

Former Directors include Gerald Hartup and John Gouriet (founder Chairman, Freedom in Action and former Referendum Party candidate at the 1997 general election). Graham Mather started out at the Freedom Assocation before going on to serve as General Director of the Institute for Economic Affairs (1987-1992)

Council members include:



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