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National Endowment for Democracy: Grants By Country (A-L)

National Endowment for Democracy: Grants By Country (L-Z)


Groups that have received at least one grant since 1990:

From the NED:

CIPE also received funding to work with:

Rights and Democracy funded:

Also the Groupe Socialiste Populaire, PRD Foundation in Mexico and the Mayor's Office of Rosario received funding from Fondation Jean Jaures


Westminster Foundation


Rights and Democracy

Related NED fellows


Democratic Republic of Congo

"The Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC) is one of NED's top priorities for the African continent". [1]

Westminster Foundation

  • Labour Party (1996, 1998)

Rights and Democracy

Prospects for Democracy in Zaire]] (1991)

  • "Synergie 1325": Réseau Action Femmes-RAF, Association Femmes Juristes pour le développement du Congo, CDP, CENADEP, Dignité des Sans voix-DSV, Voix des handicapés pour les droits de l'homme-VHDH, LIFDED, GADERES, ESSAIM and PAIF (2004)

Table de concertation sur les droits humains au Congo-Kinshasa - Entraide Missionnaire (2004)


Recent grantees include (accessed Feb 2011): [1]


In the 1980s, NED also funded political groups in some Western European countries. Investigations by French newspaper Liberation revealed that NED funded right-wing French political groups such as the National Inter-University Union (associated with violent groups).

During the 1990s, NED invested some money, at least about $9,000,000 [2], in Eastern Europe to support its vision of economics and the shock therapy program, leading to unemployment rates of about 20-40% in Eastern European countries. In Serbia, NED also meddled, by among other things funding Otpor - purportedly a non-violent youth shock group. The NED also funded ZaMir, which was an important media network during the 1990s.

In 2003, the NED stopped funding the Network of Independent Journalists for Central and Eastern Europe (funding was channeled through the Institute for Democracy in Eastern Europe). [3] The NED also currently supports the International Journalists' Network.


In the 1990 elections in Haiti, NED supported Marc L. Bazin, providing a big fraction of his total U.S.-supported campaign funds of $36 million. Despite this funding, he only obtained 14% of the vote. Bazin had earlier been a World Bank official. He was seen by most Haitians as a "front man for military and business interests", and had been prime minister during military rule, for the presidential election. [4]

In February of 2004, Haitian political instability erupted thanks to NED's providing financial and technical support to anti-Aristide groups such as the Democratic Platform. The Democratic Platform denied supporting the armed resistance that killed scores of people and created many refugees, but organized many disruptive rallies that forced Aristide to scramble in order to maintain order. [5] Combined with a freeze on aid to Haiti, silence from the administration of President Bush (Jr.) and preparations for housing "15,000 Haitian boat people after they are interdicted on their way to Florida," the will of the United States appears to be regime change in Haiti. [6]


Westminster Foundation

Rights and Democracy


According to the NED's online Democracy Projects Database it has given funding the following groups for programs relating to Iran (1990-2005):

Iranians who have served as fellows[2] at NED include:

In 2002, Mehangiz Kar, an Iranian women activist received the annual Democracy award from first lady, Laura Bush.[3]

Rights and Democracy Akbar Ganji was the recipient of 2007 John Humphrey Freedom Award.


Westminster Foundation

Rights and Democracy


According to the NED's online Democracy Projects Database the following groups have received grants from the NED since 2000:

  • American Center for International Labor Solidarity (2003)
  • Ar Rykh Khak (2001, 2002)
  • Association of Sociologists and Political Scientists of Kazakhstan (2004)
  • Center for International Private Enterprise (2001, 2003, 2005)
  • Community Development Center “Accord” (2002)
  • Ecological Society "Green Salvation" (2004)
  • Independent Information Agency "Polyton" (2002, 2003, 2004, 2005)
  • International Foundation for Humanitarian Assistance "Nur" (2004)
  • Kazakhstan International Bureau of Human Rights & Rule of Law (2003, 2004, 2005)
  • Kazakhstani Republican Network of Independent Monitors (2005)
  • Kazakhstani Young Professionals Society (2005)
  • Republican Network of Independent Monitors (2004)
  • "Street Law" Kazakhstan (2003, 2004, 2005)
  • Women's Federation "Status" (2002, 2003)

In 2005 the Center for International Private Enterprise received $150,000 "work with Almaty Association of Entrepreneurs (AAE) to unite the business community behind central issues that will advance transparency and promote market and democratic reform." [7] For further details on US interests see Kazakhstan's oil industry.

Korea (North and South)

In 2002, Carl Gershman, noted that: "in North Korea, which is the most closed country, the NED has provided support to groups in South Korea that document the repressive conditions in North Korea and are working to build an international campaign for the defense of human rights there." [8] (2007 grants)

'North Korea

South Korea

  • Regional Program, NED, accessed October 25, 2007.