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The National Right to Life Committee (NRLC) is the largest anti-abortion (framed as pro-life) organization in the U.S. The NRLC is a federation made up of 50 state groups and has over 3,000 local chapters.[1] It was formed on May 14, 1973 in response to the legalization of abortion per Roe v. Wade.[2]


RH Reality Check describes NRLC as a "political organization focused on lobbying and citizen advocacy. Their main tools include grassroots initiatives, model legislation, testifying in front of Congressional and state legislative bodies, and campaigning for "pro-life" candidates. While NRLC is often quoted in the media, they do not appear to actively seek the spotlight like other similar organizations. Instead, they focus on changing the law through policy advocacy in Congress and State legislatures.

"In 1999, Fortune magazine placed NRLC number 8 on its "Power 25" list, which ranks the most influential lobbying groups in Washington, D.C." The organization's goal is a constitutional ban on abortion.[3]

NRLC strategizes to oust backers of reform

In June 2010, the group had their national convention in Findlay, Ohio and said that they are attempting to repeal the health-care reform law in 2013. They are specifically targeting those in Congress who voted for the health-care bill and are looking forward to the 2012 elections. They say the law "fails to provide sufficient safeguards against the use of public money for abortion and includes provisions that could result in the rationing of care."[4]


NRLC has supported the Holy See Campaign of C-FAM (Catholic Family & Human Rights Institute) and the anti-ERA (Equal Rights Amendment) efforts of the Eagle Forum.[3]


  • Led by Wanda Franz
  • Douglas Johnson, legislative director and takes the lead in its lobbying efforts.[3]

Contact details

512 10th St. NW
Washington, DC 20004
Phone: 202-626-8800
Email: NRLC AT

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