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Neiman Group is an advertising agency in Pennsylvania with offices in Harrisburg and Philadelphia. They've won numerous ADDY awards recently at the Philly Ad Club. [1]

Their website is at and their Facebook page is here.

Neiman Group is responsible for a highly controversial television ad run in 2010 for the Pennsylvania Department of Revenue that threatened delinquent citizens in order to get them to pay their back taxes using the phrases "We know where you live" and "Find us before we find you." The ads used an animation based on graphics from Google Earth, zooming in on a house. According to Stephanie Weyant of PA Revenue, Neiman presented several ad campaign designs to choose from.[citation needed]

It is on Youtube.

Dennis Owens, reporting for WGAL Harrisburg, is said to have found and interviewed the woman whose house is zoomed in on in the ad.[citation needed]

The actual ad was created by Blue Visual Effects in Philadelphia, who comment on the public reaction on their Facebook page here.

Only a small percentage of PA taxpayers fail to pay their state taxes, but the threatening ad appeared on TV reaching millions of other law-abiding citizens of all ages, including children.

Neiman's Monica Witter is identified by the company as the employee who manages the PA Commonwealth account.

Neiman was also involved in the H1N1 propaganda effort for the Pennsylvania Health Dept. They own the domain and hired Chop Shop to make a music video about H1N1.

Neiman Group's officers are Steven H Neiman, Frank R Coleman, and Irwin Oronsin.

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Philadelphia Office
1 S. Broad St.
17th Floor
Philadelphia PA 19107

Harrisburg Office
614 N. Front Street
Harrisburg PA 17101


  1. Neiman GroupAgency Brings Home Total of 20 Awards March 12, 2010