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The New Prosperity Foundation is a Chicago-based 527 political action committee formed in late 2009 to elect Republican candidates in the Midwest. As a 527, the Foundation is allowed to raise unlimited funds, but also must disclose its donors. Much of its funding comes from a relatively small number of wealthy donors, several of whom were so-called Bush Pioneers from 2000 and 2004. [1]

Citizens for Responsibility and Ethics in Washington (CREW) Executive Director Melanie Sloan tells Huffington Post: "These are not about local people who are worried about the candidates in their area. These are run by national political operatives." Sloan added that these organizations are more focused on "changing the congressional majority more than... with the candidates in that specific district."[1]

2010 midterm election activities

The New Prosperity Foundation website shows a map of ten midwestern states in which they are focusing election efforts, including mail campaigns, robo calls, and television ads. As of October 27, 2010, it has spent $1,522,144.51. [2]

The Foundation has drawn attention in Wisconsin's 7th Congressional district, where it has spent $75,000 opposing Democrat Julie Lassa. The Foundation has spent at least $50,000 on a television ad buy, which it says in a [press release] is a "substantial amount" in the 7th district's "low-cost" media market.


Oppose Dan Seals (D- IL-10) $21,149.20
Support Robert Dold (R- IL-10) $121,331.27
Support Mark Kirk (R- IL-Senate) $138,436.32
Oppose Alex Giannoulias (D- IL-Senate) $723,877.72


Oppose Joe Donnelly (D- IN-2) $148,350.00
Oppose Tom Hayhurst (D- IN-3) $12,500.00
Oppose Baron Hill (D- IN-9) $254,000.00


Oppose Julie Lassa (D- WI-7) $75,000.00

Money from New Prosperity Foundation to other vendors/groups:[3]


Contact details

200 S Wacker Dr Suite 4000
Chicago, Illinois 60606
Phone: 312-541-7201

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