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The New Resource Bank "organizing group came together in 2005 to build a bank that is "by the people and for the people" of their community. The founding organizers brought together an unparalleled blend of proven entrepreneurial success along with deep banking expertise and community leadership." [1]

"Founding investors include Bay Area and national leaders in business and in corporate environmental sustainability, such as Mitch Kapor, founder of Lotus Development, Lee McIntire, president of CH2M Hill Companies Ltd., Lisa Gansky, co-founder of Ofoto, Ray Anderson, founder and chairman of Interface Inc., and Paul Dolan, co-founder of Mendocino Wine Company. Another founding investor is Triodos Bank, Europe's pioneer in sustainable banking with offices in five countries. The bank has doubled its assets during the past five years to $3.7 billion. "We have proven that a bank can attract deposits broadly if customers identify with the mission of the bank,"says Peter Blom, chief executive officer of Triodos.

"Along with world-class founding investors, New Resource Bank has attracted a top-notch banking team and board. Co-founder and chairman of the board Daniel Yohannes is an accomplished banker who previously was vice chairman at US Bank, managing the consumer and commercial banking operations of the seventh largest bank in the US. Peter Liu has a 20-year-résumé in banking, energy, and environmental protection. He previously was a senior banker at Credit Suisse First Boston and the Chase Manhattan Bank, where he specialized in project finance and energy sector banking. The team also rounds out with deep local banking expertise in bank president Clay Jones and chief operating and credit officer, Chris Olson. Jones most recently served as the chief operating officer and acting president of Cupertino National Bank, and held prior positions at Comerica Bank and Silicon Valley Bank. Olson joins with 35 years of Bay Area banking experience, including Bank of America and Mount Diablo Bank. Together, the bank's leadership has over 200 years of banking experience and has helped manage $50 billion in asset growth.

"In addition to Epstein, other outside directors include Fran Streets, a long-time San Francisco banking executive and bank director; Rick Holmstrom, co-founder of Menlo Equities, a regional commercial real estate company; Rosemary Oda, a Pillsbury Winthrop attorney who was also the former general counsel of the California Department of Financial Institutions; Mark Finser, president of RSF Social Finance and Michael van den Akker, co-founder of Baker Street Advisors, a wealth management firm." [2]


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