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In March 2001 the New Zealand Hoki Fishery was accredited by the Marine Stewardship Council (MSC) as a "as a well managed fishery." [1]

The accreditation was supported by WWF but condemned by Forest & Bird and other New Zealand Environment groups. On its website, WWF New Zealand states that "the MSC label assures consumers that the product has not contributed to the environmental problems of overfishing, environmental degradation and loss of biodiversity. By buying fish with the MSC label, everyone can contribute to the conservation of our oceans." [2]

On its website WWF New Zealand states that it "focuses on the stock management and environmental performance of the hoki fishery, and the promotion of the MSC to stakeholders including other interested fisheries, consumers and retailers. Our project goal is to ensure that the MSC certification of fisheries is robust, highly regarded and well supported in the marketplace. We expect that lessons learnt from this project will be helpful to other regions to assist in halting the decline of fisheries resources and marine ecosystems world-wide." [3]

The Hoki Fishery Management Company has established an Environmental Steering Group, including representation from WWF New Zealand.

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