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News Broadcast Network (NBN) is a New York-based public relations firm specializing in the production of video news releases, B-roll, satellite media tours, and audio news releases. The firm offers "secured news placement" for video and audio segments, meaning paid placement (as is done for ad spots) resulting in guaranteed broadcast of the sponsored broadcast material, "undiluted and unmodified by editors." [1]

According to its website, the firm provides services like "budget guidance, personalized project management, editorial consultation, production, in-house post-production and distribution. We also provide counsel on tactical issues including broadcast news climates, message crafting, copywriting and complex production logistics." Health is one of their main focus areas. [2]

NBN has offices in Milwaukee, Chicago, Washington, D.C., Los Angeles, San Francisco, Seattle and Connecticut. According to their website, NBN is the largest privately held broadcast PR company in the US. [3]


According to the firm's website, it is "a preferred vendor for pharmaceutical companies such as GlaxoSmithKline and Novartis." [4]

NBN Healthcare

One of the firm's specialties is health-related issues. Its website states: [5]

NBN Healthcare has more than 25 years of experience offering a full-range of traditional and cutting-edge broadcast media products for top healthcare agencies, pharmaceutical firms, medical associations and patient advocacy groups. We've produced and distributed thousands of healthcare projects, from FDA approvals and recalls to over-the-counter launches, clinical studies, surveys, Phase III updates and consumer healthcare stories. ...
Our proprietary newsletter, NBN Healthcare Update, is distributed to more than 600 TV stations weekly with information on every health, wellness and medical release NBN distributes. ...
One of NBN's guaranteed branded messaging options is The Waiting Room Network, which airs on AccentHealth. AccentHealth is America's #1 health television network with a monthly captive audience of 19 million patients in 10,500 medical waiting rooms. These viewers represent 180 Nielsen markets, coast to coast.
Your story is a one-minute, news-format feature that directs viewers to a website address, toll-free number or marketing literature in the doctor's office. Segments air 368 times a month.

Themed segment tours

Calling Themed Segment Tours (TSTs) "the next step in product placement," NBN's website explains that TSTs: [6]

... generally feature between four and seven related products or services which as a group lend themselves to a marketing format that can best be described as a conversation among friends. The pre-packaged segment, complete with suggested talking points and transitional segues, is pitched to television stations, then sent with product samples and b-roll to those stations that have expressed interest in broadcasting the feature. We also encourage station tie-in of the story to their website.
One of the TST's significant advantages over a conventional co-op media tour is a product commentary that is delivered by the television station's reporter or consumer advocate, a trusted and familiar face to thousands of viewers. With the help of NBN's editorial staff, each television reporter is encouraged to make the story his or her own, with a personalized commentary and a firsthand perspective that resonates with a regional television market audience.


NBN was founded in 1976 by the late James L. Hill. It was originally called News/Sports Radio Network but changed its name in 1991. Since 2000, NBN has acquired both OnCue and TVN Communications Group.


In 2001, NBN won two Communications Materials awards from the Publicity Club of Chicago in the category of Video News Releases and Films.

Disclosing satellite media tour sponsors

The president of News Broadcast Network, Michael Hill, told PR Week that disclosure to viewers on who is behind a satellite media tour is a matter for the media outlet who employed the interviewee. But companies like ours are obligated to inform these outlets who is paying for the tour," Hill told PR Week. [7]


Contact information

News Broadcast Network
451 Park Avenue South
New York, NY 10016
Phone: 800.920.NEWS

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