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Nexus is a bi-monthly alternative news magazine. It covers geopolitics and conspiracy theories; health issues, including alternative medicine; future science; the unexplained, including UFOs; Big Brother; and historical revisionism. It is owned and edited by Duncan Roads. The magazine was first formed in 1986 by Ramses H. Ayana as a quarterly publication covering human rights, the environment, alternative health, women's rights, New Age, Free Energy, alternative science and the paranormal. Co-founder of the magazine was Jenni Elf and both founders had previously worked on the independent Australian magazine Maggie's Farm. wiki

Roads writes: "Several years ago NEXUS Magazine organised the visit to Australia of a man named Ed McCabe. Ed McCabe is a research journalist who spends all his time researching and speaking about what is known as oxygen therapy. Oxygen therapy has been used to successfully treat people with AIDS as well as cancer, and is non-toxic." [1]

In 2005 the editor was Duncan M. Roads and the coeditor was Catherine Simons. [1]

The American contact for Nexus is listed as "Current issue copies available via Adventures Unlimited." [2]



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