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"My own work is currently focused on teaching the MA in Cultural Astronomy and Astrology at the University of Wales, Lampeter, lecturing at Kepler College, and editing Culture and Cosmos, the journal of the history of astrology and cultural astronomy. Most of my historical work is contained in my two-volume cultural history of western astrology, The Dawn of Astrology (Continuum 2008), and The History of Western Astrology Vol II - The Medieval and Modern Worlds(Continuum 2009)." [1] In 2004 he obtained a PhD titled ‘Prophecy, Cosmology, and the New Age Movement: the extent and nature of contemporary belief in astrology’ from the University of the West of England/Bath Spa University College.

Campion is a former Daily Mail astrologer.



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  • As Campion points out, sun sign astrology emerged in large part due to the efforts of Alan Leo (1860-1917), an astrologer whose ideas were ‘profoundly influential’ in placing the emphasis on the sun ‘as the most important single feature of astrological interpretation’ [1] Leo was a devout theosophist. For more on Leo see Besant, A. W., Leo, B., (1919). The life and work of Alan Leo, theosophist, astrologer, mason. London: Modern Astrology Office.
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