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Nicholas Johnson

Nicholas Johnson Activities Reports: 1990-2003 [1]

  • 2000: "He accepted an invitation from the U.S. Information Agency to travel to Bulgaria to speak and meet with journalists and government officials regarding the law and regulations regarding the media's coverage of Bulgarian elections."
  • 1997: "Nicholas Johnson was selected as a U.S. participant in the "Commission on Radio and Television Policy Central and East Europe Public Broadcasting and Globalization Conference," in Vienna, Austria, Sept. 18-21. The Commission is a creation of former President Jimmy Carter and the Carter Center. Held at the Austrian Broadcasting Corporation Conference Center, the conference was jointly sponsored by the Carter Center and Duke University DeWitt Wallace Center for Communications and Journalism."
  • 1994: "Last summer Johnson was invited by the Republic of Kazakhstan State Radio and Television Company to consult with government officials there about a new broadcasting law consistent with the republic's move to democracy and a market economy. Johnson, director of the Kazakhstan Project, based at the Iowa law school, has presented his findings about Kazakhstan media to a meeting of the Carter Center's Commission on Radio and Television Policy, in Atlanta. The Kazakhstan Project includes broadcasters and others from the newly independent states of the former Soviet Union and from the United States. To increase his effectiveness as director of the group, Johnson began studying Russian during the spring semester [1994]."
  • 1993: "Nicholas Johnson was elected to the executive board of the World Academy of Art and Science in April [1993]. The academy is an organization of 500 of the world's top scientists and academics. Johnson attended the April executive board meeting in Washington, D.C., with officers of the Russian Academy of Science."
  • 1990-91: "Nicholas Johnson has been appointed to a part time position as Co-director of the new Institute for Health Behavior and Environmental Policy working with Dr. Richard D. Remington at the Iowa Oakdale Campus... As a member of the National Board of Common Cause, he participated in the 20th Anniversary celebration in September, attended the board meeting in November, serves on the legal affairs committee, and has been experimenting with the creation of national computer networks hr the Common Cause state offices and membership."

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