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Nicholas T. Boyias, who "distributes his adult films through his Marina Pacific Distributors" and "got his filmmaking start in porn" [1], is currently treasurer (2006) and recently served as president (2005) of the Free Speech Coalition.

"Boyias, who serves as a Quinceañera executive producer along with adult film colleague Avi Raccah, says he was intentionally vague about his background because he feared Quinceañera, which Sony Pictures Classics [released August 4, 2006], would be attacked by anti-pornography critics, thus hurting its ticket sales.

"'There are groups out there who will peg us all as people who have no concern for mainstream family values,' says Boyias, who describes himself as a Republican, NRA-supporting, churchgoing parent of four." [2]

Campaign Contributions

  • 2000: Boyias, Nicholas T. Mr., NTB Inc./CEO, $500 to George W. Bush and $250 to John McCain [3] (Note: No other information has been found about NTB Inc.)
  • 2001: N.T.B. Inc., North Hollywood, CA, $500 to Republican National Committee State Elections Committee and $250 NRCCC - Non-Federal #1 [4]
  • 2002: N.T.B. Inc., North Hollywood, CA, $1,000 and $200 to Republican National Committee State Elections Committee [5]
  • 2004: Mr. Nick T. Boyias, N.T B., Inc., $1,250 to RNC [6]
  • 2004: Mr. Nick T. Boyias, N.T.B., Inc., President and CEO, $500 to RNC [7]
  • 2004: Mr. Nick T. Boyias, N.T.B., Inc., $250; President and CEO (MEMO), $250 to RNC [8]
  • 2005: Boyias, Mr. Nick T., M.P.B.E., Inc./President/CEO, $250 to RNC [9] (Note: No other information has been found for M.P.B.E. Inc.)
  • 2005: Boyias, Nick, NTB Inc./President & CEO, $200 to California Republican Party/Victory 2006 - Republican; $250 to Republican National Committee; and $250 to National Republican Congressional Campaign [10]
  • 2006: Mr. Nicholas T. Boyias, Self-employed, $250 and CEO, $500 to RNC [11]


Boyias "was born in Welch, West Virginia, the first-born son of Greek immigrants from the island of Crete. After a childhood in Laeger, West Virginia and adolescence in Athens, Greece, Nick attended Wayne State University in Detroit, Michigan for two years, and then moved to Los Angeles in 1970. From the age of 19, Nick was employed in various management positions in retail clothing, life insurance, night club management and retail automobile sales." [12]

Marina Pacific Distributors

"Marina Pacific specializes in gay product, but distributes a wide range of gay and straight lines, offering everything from bisexual to transsexual, specialty to fetish. 'We had another record breaking year — we just keep expanding and growing. It seems like almost every other week we're adding another vendor,' notes owner Nick Boyias. 'We decided it was time to bring the logo into the digital age, so to speak, and come up with a more modern looking logo, more appropriately reflecting advancements and changes in technology'," Bradley Jansen wrote for in 2006.

"Marina Pacific also has three production companies of its own: Jet Set Productions, a top gay line; Marina Pacific International, which mostly buys gay foreign product; and Matrock Adventures, a straight male/ female hardcore wrestling line that has won an AVN Best Specialty Release award." [13]

Boyias' Marina Pacific Distributors is the distributor for "Wet Palms" (2004), "The Tender Age 2" (2001), "Prime Cut Video Magazine: Vol. 3 (2001), "Cock Tail Gang Bang" (2000), "The Spank Club" (2000), and "Summer, the First Time" (1996). [14]

Contact Information

Marina Pacific Distributors
7077 Vineland Avenue
North Hollywood, CA 91605
Phone: 818 503-7741
Toll Free: 800 999-5530
Website: ("WARNING - This is an adults only website!")

N.T. Boyias, Custodian of Records [15]
5565 Auckland Ave
North Hollywood, CA 91601
Website: ("WARNING - This is an adults only website!")

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