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Nigel Farage (Born 3 April 1964, Farnborough England) is the UKIP and Europe of Freedom and Democracy Group MEP for South East England

Curriculum vitae: Secondary education. Has worked for British, French and American companies operating in the commodity markets, especially the London Metal Exchange (since 1982). In the UK Independence Party: National Chairman (1998-2000); Chairman of the European Election Committee (2002-2004); Chairman, South East Counties (since 1999); national spokesman (since 2000). Member of the European Parliament (since 1999). Vice-Chairman of the EDD Group (1999-2004).[1]

He is a former leader of the UK Independence Party, and their most well known person. Whilst campaigning in the UK general election of 2010 he was involved in an air crash when the light aircraft he was travelling in got caught up with the Vote UKIP banner it was towing. He survived.[2]

The UKIP is staunchly skeptical of climate change. At their Spring Conference in March 2010, the party leader Lord Pearson of Rannoch said "we must question the whole theory of man-made climate change." [3] The UKIP party website endoses the Manhattan Declaration on Climate Change which claims that CO2 is not a pollutant and "That human-caused climate change is not a global crisis. "

Pro Tobacco

Farage spoke at The International Coalition Against Prohibition conference on repeal of anti-tobacco legislation[4]


  • "Enoch Powell was an extraordinary fellow. I admired him for having the guts to talk about an issue that seemed to be to be really rather important – immigration, society, how do we want to live in this country."[5]
  • "The whole global warming, carbon tax scam, because scam is the only word that's appropriate for it."[6]
  • "I haven't got a clue whether climate change is being driven by carbon-dioxide emissions,"[7]

Other Financial interests

Farage lists Comodity Broking(sic) and Journalism in his 2009 Declaration of Members' Interests. He employs a Kirsten Farage, and his office was provided free of rent by J. Longhurst Ltd. [8]

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