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Nina Solarz married to ex-congressman Stephen Solarz. [1]

Was (is) executive director of the Fund for Peace.

In 1995: "Nina Solarz, wife of former U.S. Representative Stephen Solarz, has pleaded guilty to stealing money from a charity for Turkish women and to knowingly bouncing a check at the House bank." [2]

In 2004: "Nina Solarz has agreed to serve as chair of the Wyman Institute's new Task Force on Education". [3]

"Nina Solarz, who has run the show at the fund since 1987, appears to have a proclivity to provoking or being drawn into disputes. This might simply be due to the nature of the business or because Solarz is a tough, strong minded administrator. But some who have been on the other side of bureaucratic battles with Solarz say that her agenda is dominated by concerns that are literally too close to home.

"Before joining the Fund for Peace, Solarz was executive director of Peace Links, a grass-roots network of 350,000 women devoted to the nuclear arms control issue. One person who worked at Peace Links during Solarz's tenure recalled that in 1987, when a staff member proposed that the group address nonproliferation issues, particularly Pakistan's efforts to make a nuclear bomb (which was much in the news at the time), Solarz scuttled the idea. "She said, We don't know enough about it. We're not experts. You can't do that.' " At the time Stephen Solarz was opposing an aid cutoff to Pakistan, then being pushed by nonproliferation advocates." (Corn, 1990)

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  • David Corn, "Public Interest Power Games: Turf Wars at the Fund for Peace", The Nation, Vol. 250, March 12, 1990.