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Nisses AB is a Swedish property development company, part of a much larger conglomerate which included a real-estate enterprise, Alviks-Nisses, and a few subsidiaries all with variations on the Nisses name. It is of interest to the tobacco researchers because it was used as a front-organisation by one of its major executives (who ran the London operations) Carl-Gustav Pettersson (two 'S's and two 'T's). Nisses were constructors who ran major building projects in Sweden and in the UK (Millbank).

C-G Pettersson and his wife also owned an IAQ testing company known as REDAD and at one time they owned the name Healthy Buildings Limited. They also had a close relationship with Gray Robertson and Peter Binnie and Nisses certainly had a business relationship with the Robertson/Binnie indoor air testing company ACVA (aka ACVA Atlantic).

Nisses was the front company for a few major building symposia, including a major building 'fair' held in Stockholm in 1988. It was appropriately known as Healthy Buildings 88 for fairly obvious reasons, given the name of Pettersson's private company, and the fact that Nisses promoted the idea that it had expertise in building complexes that didn't have sick-building problems. It is difficult to know how much tobacco money was behind the organisation of the Healthy Buildings 88 symposium, but they certainly controlled at least one day of a conference dealing with air quality and ventilation systems.