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Noah A. Samara "was born in Ethiopia in 1956, raised in Ethiopia and Tanzania, and educated in England and the United States. Earning a law degree from Georgetown University Law School, Mr. Samara began to develop the vision that information was the key to expanding opportunity. This vision led him to found WorldSpace Corporation in 1990. The company’s mission is to create information affluence by using a new satellite-based infrastructure to deliver programming to the three-quarters of the world’s population that lacks adequate radio reception and program choice and that wants high quality news, knowledge and entertainment as an affordable cost. Particularly concerned with the devastation caused by the HIV/AIDS epidemic in Africa, Mr. Samara created First Voice International under the name “WorldSpace Foundation” in 1997, and gifted it with 5% of the capacity of WorldSpace’s satellites." [1]

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  • "Biography", First Voice, Accessed January 2007.

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