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Noah Shachtman is a freelance journalist who founded and wrote the military-oriented weblog, which was purchased in November 2004 by Military Advantage (, a subsidiary of Monster Worldwide.[1]

Shachtman blogs and is a contributing editor at the Danger Room Blog at Wired.

"Since 1998, he's been reporting for Wired News and Wired magazine – defusing roadside explosives with a Baghdad bomb squad, sneaking into the Los Alamos nuclear lab, chasing down suspects on Chicago's West Side, investigating a triple-homicide in Tacoma, WA, and undergoing experiments by Pentagon-funded scientists at Stanford. Now a Wired magazine contributing editor, Shachtman has also written articles for The Village Voice, Slate, Salon, Esquire, Popular Science, The New York Post, Popular Mechanics, The American Prospect Online, The Forward, The New York Times Magazine, and The Bulletin of the Atomic Scientists. He's been interviewed by the Associated Press, CNN, Fox News, MSNBC, CBS radio, NPR, BBC radio -- as well as by newspapers, radio programs, and television stations across the country. Before turning to journalism, Shachtman worked as a professional bass player, book editor, and campaign staffer on Bill Clinton's first presidential campaign."[2]

Since May 2007, Shachtman has participated in the U.S. Department of Defense's Bloggers' Roundtable.

In May of 2010, Shachtman was given nonresident fellowship at the Brookings Institution where he writes about foreign policy and cybersecurity. His superior at the Institute is 21st Century Defense Initiative director Peter Singer. [3]

In 2009, Shachtman attended a Project Interchange (PI) seminar in Israel together with other "defense analysts". PI is an indoctrination program set up by the American Jewish Committee aimed at "opinion formers".

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