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Noel Sheppard is a columnist for The New Media He is also an associate editor at the Media Research Center blog NewsBusters.


Accoring to his New Media Journal profile, Sheppard was "born and bred by East Coast liberals," attended the University of California at Berkeley, and "still end[ed] up becoming a card-carrying member of the Vast Right-Wing Conspiracy ...

"[I]n 1980, after decades of leftist indoctrination, Noel Sheppard was offered what ended up being a realigning and career altering position on the Options Floor of the Pacific Stock Exchange coincidentally and fortuitously months before Ronald Reagan was elected as our 40th president. Thus began twenty-four sometimes excruciating years of radical deprogramming, for, whilst on the exchange, Noel was, for the first time in his life, exposed to Conservative views that he had been taught to shun and abhor practically since birth.

"Once he started working with Merrill Lynch’s options arbitrage division, Noel began years of exhaustive research into economic, trend, and technical analysis. His forte was correlating economic data with commodity price fluctuations in order to forecast Federal Reserve monetary policy as well as the direction of bonds, interest rates, and currency and equity valuations.

"Eventually, Noel became a financial consultant, a branch vice president for a bank, and, finally, started his own legal and financial estate planning family of companies with offices in Northern and Southern California. During this period, as almost a hobby, Noel applied his analytical skills to examine in great detail the recent and historical Federal Budgets of the U.S. Government. The more these experiences taught him about the inner workings of the American economy, the banking system, the securities industry, as well as fiscal and monetary policy, the more Noel began to realize that the liberal dogma he had been adhering to and fighting for in his youth was largely based in fallacious, and oftentimes, intentional misrepresentations by the left and the media that supports them.

"As a result, Noel – who resides in a thankfully Conservative suburb outside of San Francisco with his wife and two children - has dedicated his life to assisting the Conservative voices in our nation in better educating Americans of the political and economic truths that have been for years withheld from them. Only this way can we further the expansion of democracy, capitalism, and freedom throughout the world."

Global warming activism

Sheppard has used his NewsBusters posts in particular to attack the idea that global warming is caused by humans.[1] Sheppard has also accused Al Gore of being involved in global warming activism solely to make money from it.[2]


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