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Norman Vale is the former CEO of Vale International Consultancy, "an international marketing firm with services in more than 75 countries," and former Director-General of the IAA (International Advertising Association). [1]


"Norman Vale joined the IAA in April 1990 as Director-General, a new position within the organization and one which has provided increased global leadership. Norman's business life has been in international advertising and management. He spent 22 years with Grey agency. He also worked for 14 years in the international operations of three agencies, living in Puerto Rico and Spain. Norman returned to Grey in 1974 as Senior Vice-President and Grey's first Area Director for Europe. During the thirteen years he held this post, Grey Europe grew from seven offices in seven countries with billings of $100 million to a network of 31 advertising agency offices and 37 specialized communications offices in 13 countries and billings of nearly $1 billion. In 1987, he became Managing Director, Grey International, a post he held until January 31, 1990, at which time international billings were $2 billion. Norman lectures on international advertising and marketing at universities and colleges on all continents. He was chairman of the 4A's International Committee and speaks Spanish, some Portuguese and German. He holds a Bachelor's Degree in Business Administration from City College." [2] According to the french website [3], Norman Vale has served, since 1954 and the Korea war, for the military intelligence counter-spying services, he was sent as a counter-subversive specialist to Frankfurt where he monitored political -communist- activism in the Federal Republic of Germany and the German Democratic Republic.

European Security Advocacy Group

In the November 26, 2004, article "European Security Advocacy Group in the press, a campaign pub...?" published in Infoguerre, Pablo Nakhlé Cerruti related that (Google translation from French):

"The initiative of such an action returns in Norman Vale, 73 years, advertising executive new-yorkais of reputation and which is presented in the form of American among other which saw the world disaggregating with the ell of the violence of September 11. As a citizen concerned and advertising tested it would have thus spontaneously invested its talent, its time and obviously much of money in this pub campaign. Already, in an anonymous interview granted to the Swiss newspaper Time on November 07, 2003, N Vale explained why it aims at the decision makers 'My objective is to maintain high the level of sensitizing to the terrorist threat and to make that these decision makers make of it more, that they are more pro credits'."
From 1954 to 1990, Vale took "part in the astronomical development of Grey Global Group (since the branch Grey Advertising in Grey International), from now on the agency more in sight on Madison Avenue. In 1990 he becomes logically owner of influential International Advertising Association left professional organization which gathers media, agencies and other actors of the advertising world that he will direct during 11 years before finding the business world. During its mandate, the size of the IAA passed from 2400 to 3700 members, present in 99 countries. Since 2001, Mr. Vale is present within the directories of various firms, Center for Advertising and Innovative Development [(CAID)] like Baracoda Inc and Morgan Anderson Consulting."

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