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The Office of Strategic Communication (OSC), which falls within the U.S. Department of State's Bureau of International Information Programs (IIP/SC), is "responsible for strategic planning, evaluation, and interagency coordination for the Bureau, as well as for countering misinformation and disinformation in the foreign press." [1]

In Iraq

Molly Ivins wrote April 12, 2004, about what was either the Coalition Provisional Authority equivalent or the same Office of Strategic Communication in Iraq:

"One of the main goals of the Office of Strategic Communication -- known as Stratcom -- is to ensure Americans see the positive side of the Bush administration's invasion , occupation and reconstruction of Iraq, where 600 Americans have died already and a deadly insurgency thrives. 'Beautification Plan for Baghdad Ready to Begin,' one news release in late March said in its headline. Another statement cautioned 'The Reality Is Nothing Like What You See on Television.'"

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