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The Open Russia Foundation, founded in 2001 by YUKOS Oil Company, is an "international, independent, charitable organization, operating as a private endowment. The Foundation supports both academic institutions and not-for-profit organizations ... The Foundation is the first Russian international corporate philanthropic foundation. It not only supports a broad range of educational projects, but also provides funding for their implementation."[1]

"The first launch of the Open Russia Foundation took place in December 2001 at Somerset House in London, United Kingdom. The Open Russia Foundation had its United States launch on September 18, 2002 in Washington, DC. At the launch, United States Senator Ted Stevens of Alaska, was presented with the first Open Russia Foundation Leadership Award for his 'outstanding contribution to educational, cultural and leadership programs'."[2]

Mission Statement ... Leading the Way in Corporate Philanthropy

"The motivation for the establishment of the Open Russia Foundation is the wish to foster enhanced openness, understanding and integration between the people of Russia and the rest of the world. The Open Russia Foundation was established with legally charitable educational objectives and undertakes a range of activities and programs supported by grants awarded to institutions and not-for-profit organizations."[3]

Board of Trustees