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Organizers' Forum

"We were fortunate to find and hire a coordinator for the Organizers’ Forum: Barbara Bowen. Barb is an organizer whose career spans thirty years of work with the National Welfare Rights Organization, ACORN, Project VOTE, SEIU, and the AFL-CIO. We could not have found anyone with more breadth of organizing experience, so this serves us exceptionally well in translating the many voices of organizers into a solid, dynamic program.

"The Organizers' Forum also became a project of the Tides Center based in San Francisco in order to handle our administrative affairs and house the operation. This development dovetailed nicely with Barbara's location in the Bay Area which allows us to coordinate directly and effectively with the Tides Center there while directing the operations from there and New Orleans. In 2000 we received a planning grant to begin the development process of the Organizers' Forum from the Frontera Fund which enabled us to move to a fuller range of activity in 2001." [1]


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Organizers' Forum Board (2009)

Accessed September 2009: [3]

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