Our Target Is (More) Downscale; Typically They Are:

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Our Target Is (More) Downscale; Typically They Are:

This marketing document from the R.J. Reynolds site (Target Market Study - Salem Soundwaves) summarizes RJR's "target market," mostly "young adults," who do not attend college (to whom the document refers as "kids").

The paper offers a bleak description of RJR's young "targets" for cigarettes advertising:

"Our target is (more) downscale; typically they are:

  • less educated than others...
  • not necessarily in college
  • into escapism because they have no intellectual diversions
  • There's lots of stress in their lives because of the absence of long-term goals...nothing to look forward to


  • They have a tunnel vision of the future because there's no college/greater opportunities to look forward to.

The marketers zero this group's susceptibility to advertising:

  • They're more impressionable to marketing/advertising...
  • ...they're more susceptible.
  • They are less formed intellectually...more malleable.

The marketers seek sexually-oriented ways to appeal to these young people:

Is there anything about the interest in sex that we can leverage?...Should we be more involved with skin events?

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